How we work

Selling With Us

Free Marketing Packages

We practice smart business and we take pride in ourselves doing business that little bit differently by offering clients more. We offer not only a cost effective fee structure potentially saving clients thousands but also a range of free marketing packages. These packages range from 3D virtual reality tours and professional photography to website marketing and the latest environmentally friendly signage. The days of vendors paying all marketing costs are numbered…

Leading The Way

Industries and markets continually change and evolve over time and a free market like the real estate industry is no exception, prices are determined by unrestricted competition. Competition is healthy and helps result in better products, services and value for customers. That’s why at No.8 we are leading the way with very large referral fee’s, free marketing options and the latest technology with 3D virtual reality including electronic Sale and Purchase Agreements.

Doing it differently

Every once in awhile a new company and brand enters a market that upset’s the proverbial apple cart, a ‘disruptive brand’.

A disruptive brand goes in and sees a new proposition in the market that can either deliver distinctive value or do something that’s already being done, but do it so much better to create disruption in that market adding real value for the customer…

Free Appraisal With No Strings Attached

As we mentioned its all very easy. Simply contact us and when it suits we’ll pop around and you can show us your property (we love coffee so we’ll even bring around one if you ask!). Then we’ll go away and compile a detailed appraisal including statistics, current and recent sales. We will then pop back when convenient and explain our findings and justify the value we have placed on your property, simple and easy- with absolutely no strings attached.

Welcome to No.8 Real Estate.

Sara Stephen & Andrew Cottee

Co Founder’s