Partnering with you

We Will Pay You $2000

We pay quite possibly the highest referral fee in the entire country, a whopping $2000. Put simply if you know someone that wants to sell and you refer their business to us, and then we sell their property, we will pay you the referrer $2000. You can do this as many times as you want, allowing you to become a referrer, essentially earning an extra income stream for you and your family (no strings attached, but of course some terms and conditions apply).

The Process:

Step 1: Click here to download and print out “Referral Fee Arrangement Document”.

Step 2: Print your full name and contact details (upper right corner- referrer), print the full address of the property you are referring, sign your name at the bottom of the document.

Step 3: Scan and email (or post!) the document to the vendor of the property you are referring and get them to print their name/s, contact details and sign the document acknowledging the arrangement.

Step 4: Email or post the completed document back to us and we will get the ball rolling (contacting the referred property owner).

Step 5: Once all parties have agreed, download and print the invoice. You will then have it ready for us to pay you once their house settles!

Five steps to $2,000.00 – not a bad way to spend a few minutes.


Why would we do this you may ask? Well why not, life is short and we believe at No.8 that doing business does not have to be all about a take-take approach and can be a win-win situation instead.

The seller wins with a cost-effective commission structure, a choice of free marketing packages ranging from cutting-edge 3D virtual reality to professional photography, quality signage (no cheap plastic boards) and internet advertising.

The referrer wins with a $2000 referral fee along with the satisfaction of referring the seller to a down to earth, dynamic and forward thinking company that provides a premium service and real “bang for buck”.

Simply put, an honest, smart and rewarding approach to business for everybody.